Bangladesh waiting for a permanent Afghan govt: State minister

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam has said Bangladesh will not recognize the interim government of Afghanistan right now.He made the remarks while addressing reporters on Wednesday (September 8).

He said Bangladesh is still observing the situation in Afghanistan and waiting for a permanent government there.The question of whether to recognise the Afghanistan government arises only when it becomes permanent.

Shahriar said the Bangladesh government is also waiting to see what the Afghanistan government does to fulfil its promises on women’s rights and tolerance.

“I would like to make it clear that we are not taking a decision on whether to welcome or not welcome the government, although this happens naturally after the formation of a new government. This is an interim government. We are waiting for a permanent government. We don’t want to rush the decision,” he said.

“We are observing the situation closely. We will see what the interim government will do. We will not compromise on some idealistic issues. So, we are still observing and waiting for a permanent government.”

The Taliban announced the names for key positions, including the acting head of government, on Monday, weeks after taking over following the withdrawal of the US-led forces.

The West said they are ready for discussions with the Taliban, but not recognising their government now.

“It’s an interim government. They have said the process to form an inclusive government has not finished yet. And many other issues like the participation of women are still there. Our focus still remains on peace and stability,” Shahriar said.

The Taliban enforced a radical form of sharia, or Islamic law when it ruled from 1996 to 2001.

On Tuesday, the Taliban announced an interim government following the takeover of the country.

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