Bangladesh to shut schools again if COVID cases spike

The educational institutions will be closed again if Covid situation worsens further in Bangladesh, said Health Minister Zahid Maleque while visiting the Government Titumir College amid the admission test for dental studies today.

Most educational institutions across the country are set to reopen next week after 18 months but the fate of in-person learning will depend on how the coronavirus pandemic pans out, he warned.

“Everything is (now) related to coronavirus infections. The schools and colleges are reopening as the virus cases have ebbed. If we see another alarming spread of the pathogen, then it’ll fall on the education ministry to decide whether to shut down schools and colleges,” the minister said .

“We’ll provide our recommendations accordingly. We don’t want our students to get infected.”

As students gear up to return to classrooms on Sunday, the government is also pressing ahead with its plans to hold the SSC, HSC, PSC and JSC tests along with the regular annual exams towards the end of the year.

Asked about the plans to vaccinate school-going children, Maleque said the World Health Organization has not approved vaccination for those aged below 18 years even though some countries are inoculating children above the age of 12.

“Two or three countries are vaccinating young people on a trial basis. We’re following the issue and have discussed it with the WHO. We’ll provide the vaccine when we get their approval.”

The educational institutions of the country are set to open on September 12. The basic class routine has been prepared and which will be followed in all academic institutions across the country.

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