12 brave women have returned to their jobs at Kabul Airport

12 Afghan women have returned to work at Kabul airport under Taliban rule.

Alison Davidian, head of UN Women in Afghanistan, has warned that the Taliban have already ignored their promise to respect the rights of women in Afghanistan.

Less than a month after the Taliban moved to the capital of Afghanistan, Labia Jamal made a tough decision. She bravely confronted the hardliners and returned to work at the airport.

The risks were too obvious, as Muslims said women should stay home for their own safety, but the three 35-year-old mothers felt she had few choices. rice field.

“I felt nervous at home … I felt very sick,” she told AFP. “I feel better now.”

However, they are one of the very few women who are allowed to return to work in the capital. The Taliban told most people not to return until they were notified later.

Labia’s sister, 49-year-old Kujiya Jamal, told AFP that the Taliban takeover “shocked” her.

“My family was scared of me-they told me not to go back-but I’m happy and relaxed now … no problem for now.”

Women’s rights in Afghanistan have been significantly reduced under the Taliban’s 1996-2001 rules, but since returning to power, the group has claimed that women’s rights are not so extreme.

Still, Afghanistan’s UN women’s representative, Alison Davidian, warned on Wednesday that the Taliban had already ignored their promise to respect the rights of women in Afghanistan.

Under the new rules, women could work “according to Islamic principles,” and the Taliban proclaimed, but little details have yet been given as to exactly what that means.

“Do whatever you want until you’re out of luck.”

The 30-year-old was studying French in Kabul three weeks after the takeover, before being forced to stop and stay home.

“But now it’s not. Today I’m one of the last women at the airport.”

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