‘I’m ready to play with those who want to play with my life’: Porimoni

“I welcome all those who want to play with my life or career,” said Porimoni, a popular actress in Dhaka cinema. “Come on. Welcome. I am ready to take part in this game with you” she said.

She told this to the media in the court premises while appearing in the drug case on Wednesday.

On this day, when she went to greet the fans in the court premises, she saw the words ‘.. ck (abuse) me more’ written on the palm of his right hand.

In this regard, Porimoni said, I am in pain now. Many people do not understand my message, they misunderstand. Everyone thinks I wrote ‘Love Me More’. In fact, I wrote ‘.. ck (abuse) me more’.

Earlier, in an explanation of the ‘Don’t Love Me Bitch’ message, Porimoni said that the message was intended for those who had treated her badly, those who were not by her side in bad times with her share of good times.

On the night of August 4, after a four-hour operation, RAB arrested Porimoni and her accomplice Dipu from their home in Banani.

She is currently out on bail.

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