The statement that the university is not opening for fear of movement is ridiculous: Dipu Moni

Education Minister Dipu Moni has said that the statement that the university is not being opened for fear of movement is ridiculous. There is nothing more ridiculous than this. She made the remarks while discussing the passage of the bill in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

During the discussion on the pass of Kurigram Agricultural University Bill-2021, the Education Minister said, who is afraid of the movement. The Awami League has been agitating all its life and has brought back democracy through agitation.

Addressing the BNP, the education minister said, who will agitate, those who are unpopular, anti-people, rejected by the people. The people are with this government.

Referring to a survey, a member said 6 per cent of students who pass out of national universities are unemployed, the education minister said. Due to the people’s representatives, the National University has been forced to open Honors and Masters in the colleges which do not have infrastructure and qualified teachers.

The people’s representatives are responsible for this. She said there will be no honors-masters everywhere except good colleges.

After the discussion, ‘Kurigram Agricultural University Bill-2021’ was passed in the National Assembly.

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