Messi’s salary in PSG is 300 crore Taka a year!

How much did Lionel Messi get from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)? There is no end to the anxiety of the fans to know that. The French media outlet Le Kip has come up with the idea.

They have revealed the amount of Messi’s salary in the three-year contract at PSG. Where it has been said, Messi will get 3 crore Euros in the first two years without bonus, which is more than 300 crore Taka in Bangladeshi currency.

However, in the last year this figure will increase to 40 million euros. In three years, Messi will get a total of about Taka 1,100 crore , which is equal to the salary of club mate Neymar.

A few months ago, Neymar signed a contract with PSG until 2025. However, with the passing of the year, the amount of his salary will continue to decrease.

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