Bangladesh to launch 5G services this year:Joy

Announcing the launch of Five G network in the country this year, Sajeeb Wazed Joy, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information and Communication Technology, said that Four G services are currently available in the country. With the launch of Five G, the speed of the internet will increase several times, resulting in increased work efficiency.

He made the remarks at a roundtable discussion in New York on Tuesday. The US-Bangladesh Business Council organized the roundtable titled ‘Business Round Table: US Bangladesh Business Council’ during the Prime Minister’s visit to attend the UN General Assembly.

The government is pledge-bound to provide broadband internet to the last mile, he said, adding Bangladesh doesn’t have a shortage of capacity and bandwidth.

“We have plenty of capacity and plenty of fibres (optical fibre),” he said, noting that the bottleneck being faced is the last mile connection.

Joy observed that people (users in the last mile) are not connected with the internet through fixed lines rather they use mobile internet.

He continued, “So, the challenges we face is spectrum incapacity. Because of our population density, we need a lot of spectrum and just shared additional spectrum in the auction, and we are in the process of freeing more spectrum for the mobile operators.”

Mentioning that they’ve launched 4G a few years ago, he said “. . . we are hoping that the additional spectrum will allow the mobile operators to take 4G to the rural areas (last mile).”

He went on saying, “With this together (4G and 5G) we are trying to solve the last mile problem . . . as there is plenty of capacity and fibre within the country and connecting the outside.”

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