Actress Chamak Tara is making a documentary about ‘Old Age Home’

Actress Chamak Tara got acquainted by acting in drama and  movies. She is also performing regularly during Covid situation. This actress’s birthday is 23rd September.

On the occasion of her birthday, she went to an old age home in Mirpur on September 20. Her mother and younger sister Ratri were with her. The purpose was to spend time with many parents there before the birthday.

There she spent time with parents and disabled children in the ashram and distributed food among them.

But before going there, Chamak Tara thought that a documentary could be made about the parents there. With that in mind, she went to the ‘old age home’ in Mirpur to celebrate her birthday and spent time with  elderly parents there as well as talking to them about various things.

Actress Chamak Tara is making a documentary about 'Old Age Home'

Spending time with aging parents, Chamak Tara made a documentary which will be published on her birthday on her own YouTube channel ‘Chamak Tara’.

In this context, she said, “I don’t know why the children leave their parents in the old age home.” But how hard the parents try to make those children to row up. Do those who can’t be real people do that? I do not know.

Meanwhile, Chamak Tara has already performed an item song in Shaheen Sumon’s web film ‘Mafia’. The surprise is that they will finish the music video for three new songs later this month.

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