Elections in Germany today

National elections are being held in Germany on Sunday (September 26). Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping down from power in this election. He was in power for 16 long years.

For the first time in well over a decade, German voters will enter polling booths for federal elections on Sunday with no clear idea which party will win, who will be the next chancellor, or what governing coalition will be formed.

According to Deutsche Welle, 42 percent of the people support Olash Schultz as the next chancellor, but only 25 percent support her party, the SPD. In that case, the left-wing party D-Link or the liberal FDP will have to be the third partner. As a result, talks on forming a coalition government could be lengthy.

Elections in Germany today
CDU leader Armin Laschet (R) is Angela Merkel’s favoured successor but his leadership has seen a fall in party poll ratings

Just a week before the election, Merkel’s Conservative camp candidate Armin Lashett failed to win the third and final tripartite TV debate. Social Democrat SPD candidate Olash Shaltz has won all three debates, according to opinion polls. And so the chances of him winning this election on Sunday are getting stronger.

The major political parties have made various promises on important issues including tackling climate change, income tax, retirement benefits for citizens, immigration, international politics, social security.

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