Vaccination campaign on 28th September on the occasion of the birthday of the Prime Minister

A vaccination campaign will be launched across the country on September 28 to mark the birthday of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Vaccine Deployment Committee Member Secretary Shamsul Haque has confirmed the matter on Sunday afternoon .He said the campaign will vaccinate 8 million doses a day.

Dr. Shamsul Haque further said that Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek will brief on the program. There he will give details.

He further said, “Under the ongoing vaccination programme, we are administering 6 lakh doses daily. We will increase the capacity.”

Earlier on Thursday, the health minister had said that a large-scale vaccination campaign would be launched again this month (September). More than one crore people will be vaccinated under the campaign. At the same time, the current vaccination program will continue.

Some 32,000 volunteers will administer vaccines in 4,600 unions, 1,054 municipalities and 443 wards. About 80,000 people, including volunteers, will be involved in the campaign. Three booths have been set up in each union.

Only the first dose will be given on that day.

Priority will be given to women above 40 years of age, elderly, physically challenged, students and people living in hard to reach areas. In the city corporations, those above the age of 25, who have registered, will get the vaccine.

Pregnant women will not be vaccinated during the campaign.

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