Twins were born while She was in a Covid coma

Sultana Ashiq was 31 weeks pregnant when she caught Covid-19 and was in intensive care for 46 days battling the disease.

Her twins were born by Caesarean section while she was in a coma.

She was ineligible for the vaccine at the time, but is calling on expectant mothers to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

According to a BBC report on Monday, pregnant Sultana was first admitted to Dunstable University Hospital in Luton after being infected with corona. There she went into a coma. Sultana gave birth to twins through surgery at the same hospital. Sultana’s condition worsened after the birth of her children. She was taken to the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. On the other hand, her children were being treated for luton.

Growing up in a coma, she felt that her children had been born. She then sees the children through video calls. And she can take the children in his arms 41 days after birth.

When Sultana became infected with coronavirus, there was a ban on coronavirus vaccination for pregnant women in England. Now, of course, corona vaccination for pregnant women has been approved in England.

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