If the government make mistakes, that will definitely appear in the newspapers: Hasan Mahmud

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr. Hassan Mahmood said, “If the government makes a mistake, if those in charge make a mistake, they will definitely come in the newspapers.” The Prime Minister believes in criticism. We cherish the culture of cherishing criticism, the Prime Minister cherishes. ‘

He said this while inaugurating the 5th year of Business Bangladesh today and launching the Daily Bangladesh Update on Wednesday.

In his speech as the chief guest, he highlighted the steps taken by the government regarding newspapers and said, “Apart from television, we are also trying to bring order in newspapers.” There are many magazines that suddenly come out; Like a sudden rain. I have already asked the deputy commissioners to cancel the declarations of 210 such newspapers. There are about 200 other magazines that do not come out. We will take legal action on these soon.

“The media is working independently,” he said. In the last 12 and a half years, the media has developed tremendously. The government has approved a record number of newspapers, TV channels and online. It has provided employment opportunities to many people.

Regarding the restoration of discipline in the television channels, the Minister said that now the order of the television channels has been fixed. Before there was widespread chaos here. Besides, advertisements of Bangladeshi products used to be aired on foreign channels. This would have deprived the domestic channels. Besides, the government also lost revenue. Cleanfeed is being implemented on television. Cleanfeed is available in all countries. But even if there was a law in our country, clean feed would not be obeyed. We are strictly implementing Cleanfeed.

Highlighting the importance of mass media, the information minister said the development of mass media is related to the development of the state. If a multi-dimensional system is to be established in a state, then the development of mass media is essential. The development of the state is not possible without the development of the media. A free media is a prerequisite for democracy.

On the occasion at the Officers Club in the capital under the chairmanship of Mehedi Hasan, Editor of Today’s Business Bangladesh and Daily Bangladesh Update, there were  also present Advocate Abul Hashem Khan MP, Additional Secretary Mezbah Uddin, Jugantar Editor Saiful Alam , Sajjad Alam Khan Tapu, general secretary of DUJ, Harun Ur Rashid, executive secretary of  Somoyer Alo, Dipu Sarwar, former general secretary of Crab, besides Nur Ur Rahman Mahmud Tanim, Abu Salek Md. Selim Reza Sourav  including other Media personalities. Distinguished guests as well as showbiz stars were present on the occasion.

Note that. Bangla Daily Aajker Business Bangladesh started its journey in 2017 with the slogan ‘Everyday of Development and Prosperity’ edited by Md. Mehedi Hasan. Today’s Business Bangladesh has been playing a leading role in presenting the state’s money-market-trade, contemporary Bangladesh and the world as a paper of economy. On the other hand, a new English daily called Daily Bangladesh Update started from the same house.

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