“Kumari puja” today in Mahashtami

The Hindu devotees are observing  Mahashtami and Kumari Puja today (Wednesday) as a part of Durga Puja, the biggest annual religious festival of the community.

Kumari Puaj is the rite of making offerings to a young girl who represents the goddess Durga.

Hindu scripture allows girls aged between one year and 16 years to be a model of the goddess Durga during the rite.

The Kumari will be given a bath, adorned with new clothes, and decorated with flower garlands, ornaments and cosmetics before being presented before devotees.

Thousands of Hindu devotees will throng puja mandaps throughout the country to celebrate Kumari Puja. The celebrations mark the triumph of good over evil.

 The worshipped girl symbolises the power that regulates creation, stability and destruction on earth.

The goddess is bathed symbolically and dressed for the final battle. It is believed that on this day, Durga killed the demon.

One of Goddess Durga’s most auspicious forms is the unmarried or the ‘Kumari’ form of Maa Durga, essentially because it is regarded as the basis of all creations in this universe. Kumari puja is also said to be one of the best mediums to offer prayers to Goddess Durga and gain her blessings because it is claimed that she feels the happiest when young girls are respected and honored.

However, like last year, ‘Kumari Puja’ is not happening again. Kishore Ranjan Mandal, general secretary of the Mahanagar Sarvajanin Puja Committee, told , “Due to the epidemic, Kumari Puja is not being performed on Maha Ashtami again. Like last year, Kumari Puja was not organized in Ramakrishna Mission this time too. ‘

“Kumari puja” today in Mahashtami

Meanwhile, Mahasaptami was in Durgotsab yesterday. On this day the eyes of the trinity goddess Durga were donated. After the entry and installation of the new magazine, the Mahasaptami Vihit Puja of the Goddess is held. At the end of the puja, as usual, offerings were made, prasad was distributed and Bhog Aarti was organized. According to the priests of different temples, Durga is bathed according to a special ritual. After throwing the reflection of Durga in the mirror and bathing it in a special religious ritual, the mother is worshiped with clothes and various remedies. In Hinduism, this time the goddess has come on horseback and will go on a cradle. This year Durga Puja is being performed in 32,118 mandapas across the country.

The Bangladesh Jewelery Association (BAJUS) has announced a full-day closure of jewelery shops across the country on Wednesday, the day of Mahasthami, the biggest festival of Hindus. On Tuesday, Bajus president Enamul Haque Khan greeted the owners of Dolan Jewelery on the occasion of the autumn festival and said that all the jewelery shops would be closed on the day of Durga Puja, the big festival of Hindus, like every year.

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