Political programs closed at the national press club

The Press Club authorities have announced the closure of political rallies and programs at the National Press Club.

The matter was reported in a notification sent to the media on Wednesday (October 13) by Moinul Alam, joint secretary of the National Press Club.

The statement said that a meeting of the management committee chaired by Farida Yasmin, president of the National Press Club, was held on Wednesday to discuss in detail the chaotic and undesirable incidents that took place at the premises of the press club on October 10.

It was said in the meeting that the committee is determined to maintain discipline and order in the club in the interest of the club and its members. The interest of the club will be upheld at any cost. In case of renting different halls and auditoriums of the club, the prescribed rules and conditions must be followed.

Besides, political programs of any party in the name of discussion meetings and seminars will not be allowed to be held. The meeting unanimously decided that the political rallies and programs of any party including Jihad Smriti Parishad and Zia Parishad would be closed in future.

The statement further said that the activities of these organizations have already resulted in chaos and unpleasant incidents in the club. As a result, the reputation and prestige of the traditional press club is tarnished. All concerned are being informed about this and overall cooperation is being sought.

In this regard, General Secretary of the National Press Club Ilias Khan told that political rallies and programs at the National Press Club have been declared closed for the time being. However, other programs will continue. Since the press club is a small place, it creates a different atmosphere when it is crowded with many people. So the authorities have decided to stop such political programs.

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