19 years old finds $50,000 and returns it to owner

Received the title of 'Messenger of Honesty'

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world.According to the World Bank, almost 45 percent of the population live on 1.90 US dollars or less per day.That is the equivalent of about 1.60 euros.

That much has to be said in advance.

Because, A 19-year-old found 50,000 US dollars, around 43,000 euros, in the north-eastern Nimba region of the West African country and returned the money.

Emmanuel Tuloe has now been named a national hero for his honesty.

Tuloe struggled as a motorcycle taxi driver and had discovered the money on the street, as the newspaper “Liberian Observer” reports.

A businesswoman had lost the cash on the side of a country road, wrapped in a plastic bag.

The woman offered a finder’s reward on the radio, whereupon Tuloe contacted her.

During a ceremony in the capital Monrovia on Monday, President George Weah praised Tuloe’s “exceptional sense of morality and good citizenship.”

He awarded the youth the highest order in Liberia, plus an educational grant, two motorcycles and a cash bonus.

Meeting the lad on Monday, October 18, 2021, President Weah asserted that he was very proud of Emmanuel for his exceptional sense of morality and good citizenship, expressing hope that Emmanuel’s gesture will serve as an inspiration to all Liberians, especially young people.

“You are a prime example of what the Bible teaches us in Proverbs 22:1, that a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,” the President averred.

President Weah told young Emmanuel: “I want to inform you that at the next national investiture ceremony, you will be recognized and honored with one of Liberia’s highest Orders of Distinction for your honesty.”

He added: “I am hereby presenting you, herewith enclosed, an amount of Ten Thousand (US$10,000.00) United States Dollars, as well as two (2) brand-new motorcycles for you to improve your circumstances and sustain yourself financially.”

The President further indicated: “You are a Champion, Emmanuel, and we are all very proud of you.  Although it is often said that virtue is its own reward, I believe that you should be additionally rewarded for this virtuous act, which brought miraculous rescue and relief to a hardworking businesswoman.”

The Liberian Chief Executive concluded by offering a scholarship to Emmanuel to attend any school of his choice in Liberia, up to Master’s level.  “This scholarship is from me and my family, and will be valid whether or not I am President of Liberia. Please accept my personal congratulations,” the President said.

Tuloe, whose father died early, had to drop out of the seventh grade for lack of money.

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