Muktijuddho Mancha demands ban of Nurul’s party ‘ Gono Odhikar Parishad’

New political party called Gono Odhikar Parishad made its debut on Tuesday with Reza Kibria as the convener and Nurul Haque as the member secretary. On the day of its inauguration, the Bangladesh Muktijuddho Moncho demanded that the party and its affiliates ban as a ‘militant, communal and terrorist organization’.

At the same time, they demanded the arrest of Reza Kibria and Nurul Haque for allegedly helping in the communal attacks.

Leaders and activists of Bangladesh Muktiyuddha Mancha blocked the Shahbagh junction of the capital for half an hour on Tuesday afternoon demanding these two demands. The blockade lasted from 12 noon to 12:30 pm. Due to the blockade, the traffic on the main road from Shahbag to Paltan, Bangla Motor, Science Lab and TSC was stopped. Severe traffic jam is created

Muktijoddha Mancha Central Committee President Aminul Islam said that there were proofs that Reaz Kibria and Nurul Haque Nur had orchestrated the attack on JM Sen Hall Durga Puja venue in Chittagong and incited communal violence across the country.

 Muktijuddho Mancha demands ban of Nurul’s party ‘ Gono Odhikar Parishad’
Nurul Haque Nur speaks during a media event held to announce the launch of his new political party, Bangladesh Gono Odhikar Parishad, on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Collected

General Secretary Al Mamun alleged that Reza Kibria, son of former finance minister Shah AMS Kibria, had turned into a paid agent anti-independence forces to implement their agenda.

The new party was announced earlier in the day with Reza Kibria as its convener and Nurul Haque Nur as its member secretary.

Names of 83 out of 101 members of the convening committee were announced on Tuesday.

Most of the members of the party’s convening committee are from Nurul Haque Nur’s organization Bangladesh Chhatra Odhikar Parishad, launched demanding cancellation of the freedom fighter’s quota.

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