15 hurt in Dhaka College BCL infighting

A clash between two groups of Chhatra League at Dhaka College has left at least 15 students injured, reports UNB.

Students of North hostel and South Hostel of the college got involved in the clash around 9pm on Saturday.

A student named Al Amin of South Block of Dhaka College was beaten by some students of North Block inside the campus at 8:30 pm.  Later, when the news spread in the campus, the two groups clashed using indigenous weapons, sticks, rods, and machetes.

The sound of cocktails explosions and gunfire was also heard during the clash.

Witnesses said they heard at least three gunshots, and cocktails during the incident, although the college principal has denied this.

Professor Mohammad Yusuf, Principal of Dhaka College said, “The problem has been going on for two or three years. We are trying to resolve this issue under the leadership of hostel supers. The situation is calm for now. We will discuss with them tomorrow and resolve the matter.”

When asked about the explosions and gunshots, he said: “No bullets were fired or any cocktail exploded. Some crackers may have burst. We have brought the situation under control.”

Earlier on  September 1, Chhatra League activist Shaharia Hasan Zion of North Hall was subjected to a mob beating at the Dhaka College Cafeteria for refusing to pay due money at the cafeteria, which led the students of South Hall to beat Zion.

Zion is a student of 2016-17 session of Dhaka College and a resident of North Hall of the college.

Zion alleged that the students of South Hall beat him up and this led to tension between the two groups in the campus on Thursday (September 1).

Following the incident of September 1, students of North Hall targeted Al Amin tonight as revenge and the situation boiled over. .

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