Let’s see what PM Hasina achieves this time: Fakhrul

Citing that the outcomes of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s previous India tours were disappointing for the nation, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said they want to see what she achieves this time during her four-day visit.

He said: “My journalist brothers sent me a note to talk about the Prime Minister’s visit to India. I don’t want to talk about this as our previous experience was very bitter and disappointing.”

He made the remarks while speaking at a discussion on Monday.

“People always hoped that the prime minister would achieve something for the country during the PM’s every trip to India. Every time we saw with great disappointment that she only gave (India many things) but did not bring anything (for the country from there),” he added.

He said BNP will give reaction to the PM’s visit by seeing the outcomes.

“Let her (Prime Minister) visit first and return home. Let’s see what she achieves and then I will comment on it.”

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