I won’t join party that is run in a non-democratic way: Ranga

Recently removed Jatiya Party leader Moshiur Rahman Ranga says he will not be part of any party that is run in a non-democratic way. 

He came up with the reaction on Thursday, a day after Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader removed Ranga from all his posts in the organisation.

Ranga, in his immediate reaction, said this decision is ‘undemocratic and unfair’.

On Thursday, he said: “I am not unhappy with the decision, but I want my expulsion to be withdrawn. You can’t stay in a party if you are at war with the chairman.”

At a media conference at the Dhaka Reporters Unity, he further said: “Yesterday, after the decision on my removal was made, I was a bit incensed. I will not deny it. I have withdrawn the challenge I made to the chairman.”

“But I committed no offence. I wanted to state that and called a press conference today for that reason. Even if I am not an MP, I will not be unhappy. If the Jatiya Party is not run in a democratic manner, I do not want to be part of it. I will not be a member of this party. I won’t join another party either.”

Ranga said he could not understand how the Jatiya Party chairman could come to such a decision.

“I respect him. He is a member of my family. I do not know why he did this. I came today to express my sadness.”

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