Kajol unveils how actresses of last generation have inspired her

Kajol has ruled cinema for decades. Her chemistry with Shah Rukh Khan was insane and her grace is unmatchable. In a recent interview, she reveals how actresses from last generation have inspired her.

She mentioned late veteran actress Nutan who inspired her. She said, “I was too little when Nutan was a superstar, and when I grew up, I watched her in the role of a mother in most of the films. She was also a very brilliant and talented singer and used to perform for us on her Harmonium.”

She also mentioned that she learned a lot about women empowerment from her mother, grandmother and aunt. “I have to say one thing about my mother, Maasi, and Nani, we keep talking about women empowerment and making women strong these days, but the leading ladies of my life have never taught me about it, but their lives have been a live example for me, they did it and showed it to me. I am fortunate to have been brought up by these women.” She said.

Kajol will be seen in Salaam Venky next.

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