Today is international Father’s day

Today is World Father’s Day. World Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year.


World Father's Day is today

Father remembers; Winter mornings hide in your arms

remember; That afternoon to go for a walk holding your finger




Father means place of dependence. Father means the shadow of the banyan tree. Father’s refuge. A child’s cool shadow under the hot sun. A soft illusion of warmth in a raging storm. A child becomes a real person under the rule of the father. A father’s love makes a child a real person.

However, there is no need for a separate day or time for a “ daddy” relationship. Love for father is constant every day for all children. Yet to inform that father for a special day – “Dad” you are so important to all the children of the world that you have a special day in the calendar book. So I can say for you – Father, because you are there… it still seems that everything is there… .

Only a father can tell you how happy it is to be a father for the first time. Learning to understand and learn to listen by swinging and playing on the swing at a young age. Then the small golden steps are lit. After that, when the child’s mouth hears the father’s call for the first time, his feelings are indescribable.


Murder with father. After a few days, he started studying with his father. This is how to learn to understand little by little. Then when the child stands on its own feet, the father’s heart is filled with pride. And in this way, growing up little by little from childhood, then establishing oneself, “father” is by his side in everything. 

World Father's Day

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday of June every year. Although this idea is prevalent in the western world, the day is also celebrated in our country. The day is celebrated especially with the welfare of social media. The first Father’s Day initiative was taken in 1908. This day is celebrated on July 5 in Fairmont, West Virginia, USA. Then in 1966, the then president of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, officially designated the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. In 1972, President Richard Nixon instituted an annual national observance of Father’s Day.

World Father's Day

But “Father’s Day”, what is the need for such a special day!

In response to such a question, Bhuiyan Mohammad Iftekhar said that this day is necessary to show that fathers are also responsible for their children along with mothers. Sometimes father and son distanced each other, but this one day might bring them closer together. Perhaps, the distance will decrease due to the pull of emotion and compassion. So there is no problem in having such a special day.

Bhuiyan Mohammad Iftekhar

It started from the desire to show respect and love to all the fathers of the world. In a BBC report, Mother’s Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years, but Father’s Day is much newer than that. The day probably first started in the United States and there are several stories about its origins.

The most popular and perhaps accepted story is that a Washington woman named Sonora Louise Smart started celebrating the day. His father raised the family when his mother died giving birth to the sixth child. In 1909, Sonora learned about Mother’s Day at a church address. Then he thought, there should be such a day for father too. Several local priests accepted his idea. Father’s Day is believed to have been celebrated for the first time on June 19, 1910, although it was not official. In 1966, US President Lyndon B. Johnson decided that the third Sunday of June would be celebrated as Father’s Day every year. Six years later, President Richard Nixon signed it into law.

Bhuiyan Mohammad IftekharFather-in-law is also my other father – Tashlima Kana

Another honey relationship. wife in law But the relationship is father-daughter. To the daughter of school teacher Tashlima Akhter, father-in-law relationship is also father-daughter relationship. Kana says I have many memories with my father. But after getting married, father is not with me now. But my father-in-law is my other father. He does not understand my father’s emptiness. So I celebrate Father’s Day with my father-in-law.


My son-in-law – and another child of mine – Abdul Malek Abdul Malek Madrasa










I never saw my son’s wife as his son’s wife. He is like my child to me. We have a lot of fun. I think every family should have that kind of relationship. Then Father’s Day will be more meaningful.

Abdul Malek Madrasa

Every time  “Baba” day is celebrated all over the world with various events. This time there is no event due to corona virus. But the domestic arrangements did not stop there. The day is celebrated at home in every family. Father is shown respect and love in family events.

World Father's Day

Today the cake will be cut with father. Flowers, new clothes, favorite books will be gifted to father. And those whose father is far away today, many will silently wipe their eyes thinking of that father. Some will try to forget the pain by pulling their baby to their chest. On World Father’s Day, a tribute to all fathers.

                                                                      Farhana Nila

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