IWPG, The 5th International Women Leaders Peace Conference Successfully Concluded

International Women’s Peace Group’s Global Region 3(IWPG, Regional Director, Heo Eun-joo) held a “World Women’s Leaders Peace Conference” online at 10 p.m(KST) on the 27th with female leaders from eight countries (India, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and South Korea).

The peace conference gathered female leaders from all walks of life under the theme of “Finding the Role of Female Leaders to Reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” Based on the international joint goal of SDGs and their achievement, it was time to think about the role of female leaders for world peace and well-being, seek ways to practice in their own countries, and present and discuss their opinions.

Heo Eun-joo, Director of the Global Region 3, said in the greeting, “For one of the precious values of peace, our IWPG has been running tirelessly for the past 10 years with the family of peace. “We will continue to run as one with women around the world until the end of the war is achieved through the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW).”

Florence Varghese, Founder of Global Peace Trust in India, she spoke about the vaccine of cervical cancer. She emphasized the importance of public health and education of young children and the reality of India.

“IWPG is a suitable platform for empowering women,” said Rania Alam, a coordinator of Bangladesh’s Rania Alam Arts Facilitator/ Flame arts Open Studio, expressing joy on the 5th International Loving Peace Art Competition. For the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), she expressed her thoughts and passion for quality education and peace and justice system No. 16.(SDGs) and definition of peace. (SDGs No. 4: Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning opportunities; No. 16: Peace, justice and institutions; promoting a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development; ensuring justice for all; establishing effective, responsible and inclusive institutions at all levels.)

Ms. Breshna Yarmand, Principal of Afghan International School emphasized the importance of IWPG peace education, conveying the poor reality of Afghanistan where female students are not educated.

Finally, along with watching videos of the activities of 2023 of IWPG Global Region 3, they introduced the “9th Anniversary of the September 18 Peace Universal Conference” in September and vowed to participate online.

Meanwhile, IWPG is an international Women’s Peace Group, an NGO registered both in UN DCG and UN ECOSOC and is working actively for various peace activities such as International Women Peace Network, Spreading Peace culture, etc and uniting with UN women organizations together for urging the legislation of DPCW.


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