Sheikh Selim’s hands are so long, they are out of reach: Quader Mirza

‘there is a rumor in Bangladesh now that Sheikh Selim Saheb is leading the leaders of anti-politics in Bangladesh. Mr. Sheikh Selim is a member of Sheikh family. He is a Presidium member of our party. I do not know why he lost the ministry at one time?’, said Mayor of Basurhat Pourashava Abdul Quader Mirza, younger brother of Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader.

He said this while coming live from his Facebook account at 8 pm on Saturday (October 2).

Quader Mirza made a humble call to Sheikh Selim and said that the leadership will do good deeds. Otherwise people will reject you with hatred. No truth is hidden. All people know what to do. You are a disgrace to the Bangabandhu family. You are stigmatizing Sheikh Hasina as a relative of Sheikh Hasina.

Quader Mirza said Sheikh Selim contested from Gopalganj. 95 percent of the people there belong to Awami League. Thus get elected from there. If he comes to Noakhali and contets, I don’t see any situation of getting back security deposit. He is involved in casino business all over Bangladesh. Today many have been arrested for being involved in the casino business. But how long are their hands, Sheikh Selim. They are out of reach today.

He further said that the leaders of anti-politics of Noakhali had met Sheikh Selim. They went to Sheikh Selim pretending to be paralyzed. Sheikh Selim has asked  the DIG to take action against me. But why did you take a stand against me without verifying anything.

Regarding the upcoming parliamentary elections, Quader Mirza said, “It has entered your head again. You will form the next government with a forced vote.” Is it politics? Has Bangabandhu become a leader by stealing votes? Has Bangabandhu become the Prime Minister by stealing votes? Let me steal the vote that has entered your head today. No need to relate to the area. It has nothing to do with the area of the maximum MP. 2-4 MPs come to loot and eat. They come to the constituency to loot TR, Food for Works Program money. This situation is going on in the country. This way the country cannot be allowed to continue.

Addressing Obaidul Quader, he said, “Obaidul Quader is not in people’s hearts.” His people are busy with women and money. No development has taken place in Companiganj-Kabirhat in the last two years. Obaidul Quader is asleep at the words of his wife. Stay asleep. Your grave will be laid in the next election in Companiganj.

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