BNP’s politics has no reflection of peoples hope, aspirations: Quader

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidiul Quader today regretted that BNP’s politics has no reflection of peoples hope and aspirations and even have no positive political programme.

“As an opposition political party BNP’s politics has no reflection of peoples’ expectations and also it has no positive political programme,” he said.

Quader, also general secretary of the ruling Awami League, made this comment while addressing a press conference at his official residence here.

“Government wants a strong and responsible opposition party …but BNP is always unleashing demonstration concentrate on broadcast and social media,” he said, adding that their politics is actually rhetoric and virtual and
peoples have no connection with their programme.

Noting that BNP’s major failure is to fail in learning lessons from the mistake, Quader said Awami League is more popular than BNP as it can boldly face the wrong to correct himself.

“Peoples could never think BNP as an alternative to Awami League in power politics,” said the ruling party leader in his speech.

Criticizing the BNP, he said BNP leaders are always see anarchy in everywhere as they never could see any better thing of the country. Even they are so much ‘hateful and one-eyed’ as they could not notice any good jobs of the government in the last more than a decade, the minister explained.

Refuting the BNP leaders statement that “Suffocating situation prevails everywhere, so people now want change’, the ruling party leader said “BNP now falls in such identical situation due to their negative politics.”

Suffocating situation after all prevailing in the politics of BNP as election and failure in staging movement in one and frustration of the leaders and activists actually fall them in such situation, he added.

“Imprudent politics, fanaticism and power-hungry leadership have led the BNP facing such difficult situation,” Quader told the conference.

He said the country is now moving ahead, positive changes have come in every sector and now the people want to change the evil politics unleashed by the BNP.

“If BNP could not bring change themselves then they will face the consequence of the Muslim League,” The ruling party leader said.

Leaving nurturing all the extremism and religious fanatics, Quader said peoples want BNP no more walk through an undemocratic way but return to a recognized and constitutional way in politics.

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