If I don’t win, someone else will be the Chief Minister: Mamata

Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has become a candidate in the Bhabanipur by-election.

“If I don’t win, someone else will be the chief minister,” she said while campaigning in the constituency on Wednesday. ‘Vote to keep me CM. Every vote is precious to me’, she added.

At a public meeting in Bhabanipur, Mamata said she was asked to stand in Nandigram, the place of the peasant movement, in the 2021 elections. So I stood up. But how it got lost there will come to light. The case is pending in the court. It will be known what was not done against me! If Mamata Banerjee becomes the Chief Minister, she will be from Bhabanipur. It is a game of luck. It is not possible for me to leave you.

She said, “Many people think that Didi will win just like that. But every vote is expensive. If you don’t vote, I will lose. If you don’t vote, you won’t get me. At this time she also referred to himself as the ‘guardian’ of the people.

“If necessary, games will be played in Tripura, Assam, Goa and Uttar Pradesh,” she said. Your vote will help stop the rioters. If the trees are planted here, the trees will grow in Delhi. Bury the sapling here.

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