Malaysia allows stranded Bangladeshi

Malaysia will allow entry of stranded Bangladeshi expatriate workers whose visa has been expired amid pandemic.

Dhaka has requested the Malaysian authority to give priority to the Bangladeshi workers, who have been stuck here due to the pandemic, when they will open their manpower market after COVID-19 stalemate.

Foreign Secretary Masud bin Momen conveyed the information to a group of stranded Malaysia bound expatriate workers while they gathered at the foreign ministry to raise their issue on Monday.

Assuring the workers, the foreign secretary said the ministry has been looking after their issues and discussions are underway between Dhaka and Kuala Lumpur regarding their repartition to Malaysia, a foreign ministry press release said.

Masud said the foreign and expatriate welfare ministries are jointly working to support those expatriate workers who have been affected by the pandemic situation.

Malaysia still upholds imposing a ban on entry of foreign workers due to the pandemic.



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