Media show path to nation

Terming the role of mass media as unique in shaping the minds of the new generation to build a developed nation, Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said the journalists show path to the nation and open the third eye of people.

“Our united efforts are to create a developed nation as dreamt by the Father of the Nation and turn Bangladesh into a developed state by 2041. For this, we need a developed generation who implement the dream of Bangabandhu,” he said.

The information minister made the comments while addressing the closing ceremony of an exhibition on Bangabandhu and distributing awards to journalists through online from residence in city’s Mintu Road on Thursday.

Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) organized the programme marking its 25th founding anniversary.

Hasan said the fourth organ of the state- mass media– and other concerned play a pivotal role in shaping the minds of the new generation and getting the state in right track.

Terming the role of journalists as inimitable in the struggle of country’s independence and building the nation after the great Liberation War, the information minister said the journalists, in the present context, are playing an important role to open the third eye of the society, highlight the inconsistencies of the society, make more responsible all concerned and run the state properly.

For this, the Prime Minister formed a special fund during the COVID-19 situation for the journalists and the government is providing assistance to journalists, a matter not happened in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka or other countries, said Hasan, Also Awami League joint general secretary.

The information minister said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government practices the culture of cherishing criticism. But, if there is only criticism, the persons who are doing good deeds will lose their enthusiasm unless their good works are appreciated, he added.

The information minister congratulated the DRU to complete all programmes successfully on its 25th founding anniversary.

About the proposed mass media employees’ act and broadcasting act, Hasan said the drafts of the two acts were sent to the law ministry many days ago. And the law ministry has sent the mass media employees’ act to the information ministry after vetting along with some advices, he added.



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