BD-US relations on positive trajectory

USA ambassador Earl Miller has
expressed his confidence that the close Bangladesh-US partnership will continue on its current positive trajectory.

Highlighting the strength of US-Bangladesh relations, he said it
would be deepening and expanding in 2021 as Bangladesh celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence.

The US envoy made the remarks while met with the Editors’ Council
of Bangladesh on Tuesday to discuss US-Bangladesh relations and a wide range of bilateral issues, a US embassy press release said.

During the virtual conversation, Ambassador Miller paid tribute to
Bangladeshi journalists and media outlets for their tireless efforts
during the ongoing pandemic to ensure the public has accurate,
life-saving information about the novel coronavirus.

The envoy spoke about the United States’ continued commitment to
working with Bangladesh to fight COVID-19 and expand trade and other areas of cooperation, including clean energy and countering terrorism.

Miller also reiterated US support, as the largest donor of humanitarian assistance and through political engagement, for a
solution to the Rohingya crisis while ensuring safe, voluntary,
sustainable, and dignified repatriation of the refugees back to their homes.

The virtual conversation with Ambassador Miller is part of a new
Editors’ Council of Bangladesh initiative to engage with heads of
diplomatic missions and other development partners working in


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