Hasan urges BNP leaders to take vaccine

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud urged BNP leaders to take the corona vaccines shunning shyness.

He came up with the call while talking to reporters after taking his first dose of corona vaccine at Secretariat Clinic in the capital on Wednesday. Secretary of the Health Services Division Abdul Mannan and civil surgeon of the clinic Ilias Ali were present on the occasion.

Hasan, also joint general secretary of the ruling Awami League, expressed his gratitude to the BNP leaders, who have already taken vaccines and who have been making statements on the urgency of inoculation.

“We are ashamed of the responsible BNP leaders, who have been conducting propaganda over the vaccine…their propaganda proved that they always spread rumours to mislead people and put the government in trouble,” he said.

He said since people are taking vaccine with much enthusiasm, the BNP leaders are feeling embarrassed due to successful vaccination programme of the government.

Noting that the government has taken massive preparedness and various measures to manage the vaccination programme, the information minister said: “I would like to ask the BNP leaders to take the COVID-19 vaccines shunning shyness.

The government is committed to ensuring protection of all. We want to protect the people of the opposition party who criticizes us every day.”

He said the way the Bangladesh government collected the vaccines in time is rare around the world and even the United State and the European countries are struggling to manage the COVID-19 vaccines.

The people’s enthusiasm in taking vaccines ignoring the propaganda proves that the timely decision taken by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to protect the country’s people is very successful, the minister said.

Replying to a question about his feeling after taking corona vaccine, Hasan said those who have been administrating vaccines are very skilled and he did not feel any pain while receiving the vaccine.


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