Foreigners’s statement over Mushtaq’s death out of courtesy

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said the statements of foreigners over the death of Mushtaq are out of courtesy.

“I also feel sad for the death and it is really unacceptable. A probe-body has been formed to find out the reasons behind the death. It will be revealed in the probe report how he died.

“But, some ambassadors gave statements over the death which is out of courtesy. There is law in their own countries and arrests and punishments were made in line with the law,” he said.

The minister told reporters after addressing the 2nd founding anniversary of the daily ‘Somoyer Alo’ on Bir Uttam CR Datta Road in the capital on Tuesday.  State Minister for Information Dr Murad Hasan was present there.

Hasan said the independent and sovereign Bangladesh is now a self-reliant state. “We have built the Padma Bridge with our own fund and we are not dependent on anyone. So, I would like to urge to get rid of the old habit of making such statements in hurry,” he added.

Replying to a query, the minister said, the statement was not given from the United States. One of the human rights commissioners of the UN gave the statement who was a president of Chile, he said, adding that many human rights violations incidents took place during his tenure in Chile.

Did they give any statement when extreme human rights violations were committed in the United States, children were separated from their parents year after year, people were shot and killed indiscriminately in France, and tortured at Guantanamo Bay?, he questioned.


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