PM for unlocking carbon markets

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has underscored the need for unlocking the carbon markets to ensure climate justice alongside finding solution to the losses and damages caused by natural calamities.

She came up with the importance in her article headlined “Forging Dhaka- Glasgow CVF-COP26 Solidarity” written in famous Diplomat magazine.

The magazine in its April, 2021 issue carried the article where Sheikh Hasina also urged all to take a united stand to effectively fight the war against nature.

In the article she wrote, “We want to see international carbon markets unlocked for transnational climate cooperation and solutions found to our profound loss, damage and climate injustice.”

Sheikh Hasina, also the incumbent president of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), said that like Bangladesh, every CVF nation has an irreversible climate loss and damage story to tell. “But they contributed little to global emissions. It is time to address this climate injustice,” she continued.

Calling upon all to remain united in the war against nature, the prime minister said, “In our war against nature, we’ll lose unless we unite.” She said that humans are consciously destroying the very support systems that are keeping us alive.


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