TRP monitoring rules published

The government has published rules for monitoring television rating point (TRP) as well as selecting private institutions to give those the task of calculating and monitoring TRPs of registered media.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has issued a notification to this end on Sunday, said an official handout on Monday. Popularity of television channels or number of audiences is evaluated through TRP.

At present the institutions which are conducting TRP calculation in Bangladesh are not approved by the government, it said.

There is necessity to calculate TRPs in scientific way with taking technical cooperation of Bangabandhu Satellite to bring transparency in TRP calculation, the hand out said.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry will seek applications from private institutions to give one or more than institutions the task of conducting TRP calculation activities for a specified term.

Interested local or foreign private institutions having registration in Bangladesh can submit application to the Secretary of Information and Broadcasting Ministry within specified date. In this regard, foreign private institutions must have office in Bangladesh.

Pay order or bank draft of Taka 10 lakh will have to be submitted with the application as security money (refundable) and if the application is not considered as eligible, the pay order or bank draft will be returned, it said.

The handout also mentioned detailed rules which will be effective from April 20 next.


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