Follow health guidelines

PM adresses the nation

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina issued a call asking everyone to strictly follow health guidelines to face corona pandemic’s ongoing second wave.

She also reassured the nation that her government will remain beside the people.

“You (people) have no reason to panic. The government always remains beside you,” she said in a televised address on Tuesday, on eve of Bengali New Year 1428.

The premier also added that every individual has the responsibility to ensure his or her own protection alongside their family members and neighbours and urged all to strictly maintain the protocols developed to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

She said the surge of Covid-19 infections forced her government to impose some stricter restrictions in line with expert opinions as previous measures proved inadequate in preventing the Covid-19 spread.

The premier acknowledged that the restrictions could affect livelihoods of many people but said “we all have to keep in mind — human life is above everything”.

“Avoid crowds, use masks whenever you go outdoors and clean up on your return home and inhale hot water vapour,” she said.

She said the government took steps in terms of financial allocations and infrastructural mechanisms in preventing the pandemic’s spread, treating Covid-19 patients and bringing poor people under the social safety net.


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