Cargo vessel sinks in Chattogram

Five crew members of a stone-laden cargo vessel (bulkhead) sinking in the outer anchorage of Chattogram port have been rescued by the Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG), officials said.

Lt Commander Amirul Haque, media officer at the BCG headquarters, said on Friday that around 6am, ‘MV Pinky’, a bulkhead carrying stones, collided with a merchant ship at outer anchorage of Chittagong port.

When MV Pinky asked MV Nafiza Jahan for help, the latter informed Port Control, and the coast guard was immediately alerted, he added.

Upon receiving information around 7:30am, a rescue team from the Patenga outpost of BCG rushed to the spot and rescued the five crew members.

The vessel had completely drowned 1 nautical mile south of Gohira by then. The rescued were brought to Patenga BCG outpost and given first aid and food.

They were later handed over to the Chittagong Port Authority.



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