13 domestic workers killed, tortured

Some 13 domestic workers were tortured and killed between first three months of this year, said Bangladesh Institute of Labor Studies (Bils).

During January to March period, four domestic workers were killed, three in the workplace and one died outside.

Besides, two workers committed suicide while one domestic help was killed and three others died mysteriously.

Two were raped, six were physically injured and severely abused, and an unidentified man was subjected to severe mental torture. After these incidents, a case has been filed in the concerned police station.

According to the report, more than 95 percent of those working as domestic workers across the country, including Dhaka, are women.

Bils’s calculations are based on information published in the country’s media, but the real situation is even more dire.

Because in many cases of torture, compromise is made in the face of money and pressure. Domestic workers or their family members do not want to go to court because they are financially weak or do not dare to go. Influential people cover up many incidents of torture.T

The Bils Ethics Project and the Network for the Establishment of Domestic Workers’ Rights have demanded that the perpetrators be brought to justice and that appropriate compensation be given to the victims.

In addition, the monitoring cell is in the process of monitoring the latest situation and assisting in taking action, communicating with the victims through trade unions and providing overall assistance.


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