Politicians responsible to protect environment

Information Minister Hasan Mahmu said that the responsibility of politicians is to inform and teach good habits to the people.

“I urge all political parties to stand united against those who destroy the environment, work against nature and destroy nature. We need the world for us, but the world doesn’t need people for her,” he said.

The information minister stressed on creating social movement to save the nature for saving mankind.

“Nature will have to be protected not for its interest, but for saving human beings” he said this as chief guest on Saturday while addressing a discussion meeting on the occasion of World Environment Day at Bangladesh Television Chattogram Center.

Mentioning many species are going extinct everyday Dr Hasan said, “For this we should protect the nature for our own interest and we need to create social movement in this regard. Then we will remain protected and the nature as well.”

He said that many species have come to the earth, they have become extinct, but the earth is fine.


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