Bangladesh third peaceful SA country

Bangladesh has been ranked third most peaceful country in South Asia and secured 91st position globally among 163 countries in the Global Peace Index for 2021.

The country climbed up seven notches this year in the GPI compared to the last year that helped Bangladesh secure third position in South Asia with an overall score of 2.068 while Bhutan and Nepal became the first and the second peaceful countries respectively in the region.

Neighboring India secured fifth position in South Asia and has been ranked 135th globally with overall score of 2.553 while Pakistan ranked sixth in the region and 150th globally with overall score of 2.869 in the GPI 2021.

European country Iceland became the most peaceful country across the world with overall score of 1.1 and Afghanistan of South Asia became the last in both the regional and global ranking securing the 163rd position globally with overall score of 3.631.

The Global Peace Index, prepared by the Institute of Economics and Peace, cumulatively measures safety and security, militarisation, and frequency of ongoing conflicts to fix ranks from most peaceful to least peaceful countries.


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