Regional understanding must for Rohingya repatriation

Foreign Minister Abdul Momen hoped that leaders of this region would understand magnitude of the Rohingya crisis and put their efforts with utmost priority to resolve the issue in a durable manner.  

“It is better if the regional leaders understand early, that statelessness of a large ethnic group on the face of persecution might turn a volcano open, if not treated with promise and action to serve justice,” he said.

The foreign minister was speaking as the chief guest at a webinar titled “Revisiting Contemporary Peace and Security Challenges in the South Asian Region”, organized by Bangladesh of Institute of International Strategic Studies (BIISS) on Sunday.

The foreign minister said the long standing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar has continued to haunt not only Bangladesh but the South Asian region as a whole.

“We have seen how an act of mindless persecution in a particular territory could affect the security and stability landscape of a region,” he said

He said the Rohingya crisis needs to be resolved in a durable manner with utmost priority for the greater interest of this persecuted people and the stability of the region.

Dr Momen said once an internal matter for Myanmar, has now destabilized?the regional tranquility of South and Southeast Asia and triggered a global outcry.

“It would have been more encouraging to get the world community assertively vocal on severe restrictions of movement, health care, education, access to mobile and internet and livelihood opportunities in Rakhine – thereby fostering an environment conducive for voluntary repatriation,” he said.
The foreign minister noted the strategic location and untapped natural resources of Rakhaine state have made Myanmar a strategic partner of the major world and regional powers.


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