No domestic flights

The government has decided to suspend all domestic flights during the weeklong strict lockdown starting tomorrow while the international flights to and from Bangladesh will continue as usual.

“With effect from 0600 (6 am) BST (Bangladesh Standard Time) on July 1, 2021 until 2359 (11:59 pm) BST on July 7 all types of domestic flight operation by all air operators will remain suspended,” said a circular issued by Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) on Wednesday.

International flights to and from Dhaka will operate as usual, but flights on all seven local routes will be suspended during the weeklong strict lockdown beginning tomorrow.

The CAAB made the recommendation to the government to continue operation of international flights so that outbound migrant workers can reach their workplaces abroad.

In another notification, the Cabinet Division said international flights will continue and outbound travelers will be permitted to travel by car but they must show air tickets.


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