Bangladesh celebrates Eid-ul-Azha

Muslims in Bangladesh are celebrating Eid-ul-Azha, one of the biggest religious festivals of the Muslims, on Wednesday with due solemnity, sense of sacrifice and religious fervour amid the Covid pandemic for the second consecutive year.

Bangladesh is battling the deadly 2nd wave of Covid-19 with over 200 deaths on average over the past two weeks.

Concerns kept growing among health experts over possible surge in Covid death and infection after the Eid celebrations as roads, ferries, terminals saw huge crowds due to mad rush of people who left cities, especially the capital, for home ignoring health rules and infection risk after the withdrawal of the restrictions.

On this day, the 10th day of Arabic month of Zil-Hajj on the lunar calendar, some 4,500 years ago, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) offered to sacrifice his beloved son Hazrat Ismail (AS), who willingly submitted to his father’s wish to please Almighty Allah.

But the Almighty in His benign mercy spared Hazrat Ismail (AS) and instead placed a sheep to be sacrificed.


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