PM’s online engagement tripled

Prime Minister’s official engagement through video conferences or online platforms almost tripled in last eight months compared to the last year as the pandemic saw Bangladesh spinning around overnight from real interactions to online space.

“She (the premier) took part in 475 video conferences in 2020 while the number of her online official engagement stood at 1083 in the past eight months,” Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) secretary M Tofazzel Hossain Miah today told BSS.

He said the premier’s online activities increased rapidly as pandemic stretched its claws, forcing tightened restrictions against physical interactions, while most of her meetings were of extra-importance in fixing or executing government decisions.

Hossain said the premier’s enhanced online presence also expedited the execution of government decisions as she reached out officials and others concerned including public representatives at grassroots, alongside the policymakers at the central level.

He said since 2020, the online platform linked the prime minister with 1,558 spots across Bangladesh, when she interacted with cross section of people including public representatives, field-level officials and social figures.

During the pandemic the premier also joined several global events and conferences that fixed international policies and spearheaded global campaigns particularly in the interest of Bangladesh and other disadvantaged countries.

Several officials at the field level said the zoom meetings with the country’s head of the government gave marginalised staff an inclusive feeling in the crisis management and other nation-building activities.


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