PM for partnership in investment

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stressed the need for transfer of technology and partnership in investment to ensure equitable access to effective antibiotics and other medical facilities and to contain antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

“Let us continue to collaborate meaningfully and keep momentum for ensuring equitable access to affordable and effective antibiotics and other medical facilities through technology transfer and sharing of ownership,” she said.

In a prerecorded speech aired in the second meeting of the Global Leaders Group (GLG) on AMR on Tuesday, the Prime Minister also said, “At the same time, let us work for partnerships for investment in AMR containment”.

Stating that the challenge of AMR requires sustained action across sectors, she said that she is pleased to see the finalisation of the action plan in this regard.

Sheikh Hasina, co-chair of the Group, said that she is also happy to support the GLG priority advocating for financing and implementation of multisectoral National Action Plans, with a One Health approach.


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