WASA MD not allowed to perform duties virtually

Water supply wing of the local government ministry on Thursday issued a letter in this regard.

According to the letter, in his absence, deputy managing director (operation and maintenance) of the authorities, AKM Shahid Uddin, will discharge duties as the chief of the WASA.

It read Taqsem has been allowed to go to the United States for his treatment and to meet the family living there. He is permitted to stay in the US from 24 September to 4 November or for six weeks starting from the journey date.

Deputy MD AKM Shahid Uddin will discharge the duties of MD in his absence, it added.

On September 7, Taqsem A Khan submitted a leave application to local government division secretary to travel to the United States.

He mentioned in his letter that he will stay ‘on-duty’ virtually from there, though his plea was rejected in Dhaka Wasa board on July 7– a day when his desire of distant work was harshly criticised by the members in the WASA board meeting.

On that day, the meeting granted Taqsem A Khan a six-week leave, but disallowed him discharging duties online.

Ignoring the board’s decision, later, the MD sent a letter to the local government division over his virtual duty that made the members of the board astonished.

According to WASA source, this is the first time he is leaving the country by handing over the duties of MD to another. Before that he would discharge his duties online while staying abroad.

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