Politics won’t be freed from stigma if BNP exists: Hasan Mahmud

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Hasan Mahmud on Monday, August 21 said politics won’t be freed from stigma and hatred as long as BNP exists in politics since the party believes in the politics of killings.

The minister said, “BNP believes in the politics of killings. The August 21 grenade attacks were carried out with the patronization of Tarique Zia and with the knowledge of Khaleda Zia while Ziaur Rahman carried out the August 15 brutal killings. Conflict of politics will never go away as long as BNP exists in the field of politics.”

While replying to a query at the Secretariat marking the 19th anniversary of the heinous grenade attacks on the party’s anti-terrorism rally on August 21, 2004 at Bangabandhu Avenue in the city, he told it the journalists.

Hasan Mahmud said the gruesome grenade attacks were carried out to kill Awami League President and incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It is clear that the attacks were carried out by militants with the patronization of the then BNP government. The grenades, found on the spot of the occurrence, are being used in the field of war by the military and the then government provided those grenades to the terrorists. An official of army kept a grenade as evidence and, for this he was suspended from the force.

He mentioned, “Even, tear gas shells were hurled when the Awami League activists came to rescue the injured people. They washed the place of occurrence to destroy the evidences.”

The minister said the then opposition leader in parliament and incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was injured in the attacks while 22 Awami League leaders and activists were killed. AL President Sheikh Hasina was saved on that day for the grace of the Almighty Allah.

Hsan Mahmud pointed out that the global community had expressed their condemnation, but the then BNP government didn’t allow bringing a condolence motion or discussion in parliament rather they claimed that Jananethri Sheikh Hasina had taken the grenades to the spot in her hand bag. The information minister said there are some organizations at home and abroad who take it as a business.


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