House maid was killed in the capital for eating housewife’s baby’s food

A child (House) maid has been tortured to death for consuming the food of the baby of a housewife at Kalabagan area in the capital. Maid Hena has allegedly been tortured to death by housewife Sathi Akter Parvin Dolly for eating the food of her baby.

Ashraf Hossain, deputy police commissioner of the Ramna Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), stated it at a press conference at the DMP Media Centre in the capital on Sunday, September 3. He said child maid often used to eat the food of housewife Dolly’s child. Because of it, housewife Mosammat Sathi Akter Parvin Dolly tortured Hena and murdered her subsequently.

The police official disclosed that Hena was also tortured on August 25 morning. Following murder of the maid, Dolly fled leaving her mobile phones at home so that none could trace her. She then wandered at different places in the capital, and at one stage, left Dhaka for Jashore. Earlier, Dolly was arrested in Jashore and brought in Dhaka by police.

Deputy police commissioner Ashraf Hossain said maid Hena was tortured at different times. She was tortured for eating up the food of the child of housewife. Hena often played with the child of the housewife. Had her baby cried due to any reason, the housewife used to inflict torture on Hena. The severity of torture was so serious that Hena often used to release excreta on her bed being failed to tolerate the beatings.

He said Dolly is a BSc Engineer. She works as a surveor at LGED, Her first husband was a doctor and the second husband was LGED’s driver. Dolly first joined the LGED as a Computer Typist. Then joined as the BSc Engineer after obtaining higher education.

According to police, Hena was the daughter of late Huq Mia and Hasina Begum of village Nandibari under Muktagacha upazila in Mymensingh district. Housewife Dolly went to Muktagacha for a training three years ago. She saw Hena over there and brought her to Dhaka after talking to her guardians. At that time, Dolly promised to them that she would look after Hena like her daughter and send Tk 2,000 to Hena’s aunt every month. However, Dolly stopped sending money after four months. She then told them that she had kept the money deposited for Hena seperately.

Early in the afternoon on August 26 last, police recovered the body of maid Hena from a house at Vooter Golli at Kalabagan. After examining the body, forensic experts said the victim was brutally tortured and strangled. Accordingly, police filed a murder case with Kalabagan Police Station. Sathi Akter Parvin Dolly was made accused in the case.

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