Remain alert so no anti-independence quarter can assume power: President Mohammed Shahabuddin

President Mohammed Shahabuddin asked all pro-Liberation forces to remain alert against the anti-independence quarters so that they cannot come to power in any way.

The President addressed the opening ceremony of the “Sixth National Conference” of the “Sector Commanders Forum – Liberation War 71” at Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the capital on Saturday, and said, “Stay alert so that no anti-liberation force can come to power.”

Mohammed Shahabuddin, also a valiant freedom fighter, added, “I believe we will all move forward unitedly and we have to work together… to oppose those who are plotting against Bangladesh’s independence and its ongoing progress.”

Addressing the valiant freedom fighters and representatives of the new generation who attended the National Conference, the President said Bangladesh is moving forward upholding the spirit of Liberation War under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and all must ensure joint efforts to accelerate the country’s ongoing development and progress.

The President also requested everyone, including the successors of the freedom fighters, to work together to make the country’s well-earned freedom meaningful and to reach its results at people’s doorsteps.

President Shahabuddin highlighted the contribution of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the great hero of the Liberation War, the independence and development of Bangladesh.

He said it is undeniable that many games have been played in the politics of Bangladesh; many leaders have come but Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the best son of the soil, was the lone winner of this game as Bangabandhu believed in the spirit of nationalism and knew how to consistently do politics.

Mentioning that no “chemistry” worked in Bangabandhu’s politics, the President said he understood and knew the pulse of the people.

Referring to the birth history of Bangladesh, he said, the journey of the difficult path that started in 1948 centering the rights of mother tongue Bengali and the Language Movement in 1952, the Jukta Front election in ’54, the Anti-Military Regime Movement in ’58, the Anti-Education Commission Movement in ’62, Six-Point Demand Movement in 1966, Mass Movement in 1969, 1970 elections and subsequently the 1971 Liberation War.

The President told the freedom fighters, “You know, Bangabandhu was very humanitarian from his childhood. He provided food to those who were hungry. He nurtured the Bengali spirit at every step.”

The President mentioned that His non-communal spirit, his nationalist attitude, social justice and human values were reflected at all activities. We have not found any example in the world where all people were united at the pointing of a finger.

Bangladesh got the desired independence through a long struggle, but the plot of the anti-independence forces did not stop and they are still active.  They have destroyed the pro-independence constitution. All these were done by the defeated enemies in 1971.  The President categorically urged everyone to be alert and cautious against the vested quarter’s conspiracy. Referring to the 1971 genocide, the President said that the 1971 genocide organized on the soil of Bengal is the worst genocide of the 20th century.

On June 13, 1971, an article entitled “Genocide”, written by noted journalist and writer Anthony Mascarenhas was published in “The Sunday Times” newspaper of the United Kingdom where a detailed account of brutal killings in Bangladesh during that time was highlighted.

Welcoming the activities of the Sector Commanders Forum on this demand for international recognition of the Bengali ‘Genocide’, the President said the government will fully provide necessary cooperation in this connection.

Highlighting the development and progress of the country in various fields under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, President Shahabuddin said Bangladesh is now on the seat of dignity in the international arena.

He unveiled the cover of the book “Genocide 1971” published by the Sector Commanders Forum on International Recognition of Bangladesh Genocide.

Executive President of Sector Commanders Forum Valiant Freedom Fighter Md. Nurul Alam, Advisor to Sector Commanders Forum Valiant Freedom Fighter Doctor Sarwar Ali, Vice President Valiant Freedom M. Hamid and General Secretary Valiant Freedom Fighter Harun Habib also spoke at the event.

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