Sheikh Hasina congratulates the Prime Minister of Poland

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina congratulated Mr. Donald Franciszek Tusk on his appointment as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland.

She wrote in a signed letter, “It is my immense pleasure to extend my heartiest congratulations on your assumption of the office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland. This time, it is a testimony to the confidence reposed in your dynamic leadership by the people and the government of Poland. You did excellent as the Prime Minister of Poland from 2007 to 2014 and also as the President of the European Council from 2014 to 2019. I firmly believe that the people of Poland would once again benefit from your visionary stewardship.”

Sheikh Hasina lauded, “Let me take this opportunity to recall with profound gratitude that Poland supported Bangladesh’s War of Liberation in 1971. And was one of the very first European countries to accord recognition to independent Bangladesh.  Poland also supported Bangladesh’s entry into the United Nations and membership into various international organizations and specialized agencies of the United Nations.”

She reiterated, “Over the years, our relationship has grown in depth and dimension, covering important areas in both the bilateral and multilateral arena. I am confident that the close ties and friendship existing between the two countries will witness further improvement aimed at robust engagements for our shared prosperity.”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wished the new Prime Minister of Poland Mr. Donald Franciszek Tusk good health, a long life, and happiness. And continued peace, progress, and prosperity for the people of Poland.

A press release issued from the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s office in this regard on December 13, 2023.

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