Tk 140 bn bonds approved in 6 months

Bsec chairman Prof Shibli tells News Now Bangla

Shamima Dola: Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission(Bsec) has approved  public private bonds worth of Tk 140 bilion in last six months, Chairman Shibli Rubayat Ul Islam said.

In an exclusive interview with News Now Bangla, Prof Shibli sheded light into the possibilities and challenges in market management.

Of total issued bonds, Tk 100 bilion represented private sector and remaining Tk 40 bilion bond from government side.

Bsec chief Prof Shibli mentioned that almost issued bonds beign subscribed.

The government appointrd Prof Shibli Rubayat Ul Islam of Dhaka University as chairman of BSEC. And later ranked the position equivalent to senior secretary.

The initiative is part of promise to bring diversified products including bonds and diventure in capital market instead of equity-based transaction.

Regarding the mergin interest, Prof Shibli mentioned that none can expose interest avobe 12 percent as the authorities will issue directive soon.

“Marcent banks and brokers can charge 3 percent additional to the cost of fund. And the market regulator avoided any kind of news directive to keep the investors calm,” Prof Shibli said adding that the market is running stable.

Regarding the uprising floor price of non-productive firms, Bsec chief denied the allegation and said the investors will foget the issue of floor price if the bourses continue present situation.


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