CFO drives Kafco crisis

Karnafuli Fertilizer Company Limited (Kafco), country’s largest urea fertilizer producer, deprived from profits as staffer including chief financial officer (CFO) involved unreported coruptions.

To make the businesses a lose venture, chief financial officer Habib Ullah Manzur played vital role controling with various frodgeries, sources informed NewsNow Bangla. The CFO allegedly  obtains ‘high commissions’ from bank deposits of Kafco, let alone the local insurances, source claimed.

Besides, the clever official handled all the international insurance positions of the companies jointly owned by the Government of Bangladesh, Japan, the Netherlands and Denmark taking an unfair percentage from the deals.

Habib is in charge of the company’s collection of chemicals like liquid caustic soda. He is also accused of taking large commissions to purchase UF-75 chemicals from Egypt, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Kafco has own jetty for exporting liquid ammonia abroad and shipping urea fertilizer to different parts of the country by ship. Surprisingly Habib Ullah has signed a contract with the company for the repair of a single pillar worth about 6 million US dollars without any Tender.

The concerned people think that it is a ploy to make Habib’s pocket heavy by diverting unusual money to repair this jetty without tender.

In addition, complains were received against sexual harassment by Habib Ullah Manzur. Allegedly, he not only sexually harassed his female subordinates in the workplace, but also tried to seduce them in tactics.

There are also allegations that they were threatened with dismissal if they did not agree to the proposal. According to sources, Habib lost his job from various institutions including Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel and ICB Islamic Bank allegedly due to corruption sexual harassment to women workers.

It is known that he also resorted to big fraud to get a job in Kafco. He lost his job in the previous workplace and hid the names of the employers of those companies, according to the source.

Contracted regarding the issues, Habib declined all allegations saying that someone may be spreading propaganda against me because of personal enmity. “I can prove that these allegations are false. I have enough evidence in this regard, which I can give you if you want or come to my office,”’

However, Habib did not send any documents as promised, rather later changed the tone when contacted again.


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