All credit goes to the people

PM on LDC graduation

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said Bangladesh’s graduation from the group of the least developed countries (LDCs) to a developing country stemmed from her government’s relentless efforts, planning and hard work for the last 12 years.

“The people of the country did all these things. Remaining in the government, we just gave policy support to create a scope. It’s a historic and proud moment for the nation,” she said in her written speech at a virtual press conference marking the UN’s final recommendation for Bangladesh’s graduation from the LDC group.

She attended the press conference from her official residence Ganabhaban. It was organized at the Shapla Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Sheikh Hasina expressed strong hope that Bangladesh would get its place as a dignified country at the world stage following its graduation as a developing nation.

She extended her heartiest congratulations to the Bangladeshi citizens both at home and abroad for achieving this feat.

“The father of the nation, Bangabandhu, had turned Bangladesh into a least developed one pulling the war ravaged country in just three and a half years’ time. Bangladesh Awami League – a party founded in the hand of the great leader – established the country as a developing nation in this Golden Jubilee year of independence,” she said.

The prime minister gave credit to the people of this country, adding that their coordinated efforts have made the milestone achievement possible, and congratulated all the citizens at home and abroad.

As the daughter of Bangabandhu, Hasina said she feels proud of this achievement as she herself remained engaged in the process of the strides in development.

“The UN Committee for Development Policy (CDP) reviews the issue of a country’s graduation from LDC based on income per capita, human assets, and economic and environmental vulnerability,” she said.

In continuation of Bangladesh’s fulfillment of these criteria in the first triennial review meeting of the CDP in 2018, she said Bangladesh also met all the three criteria this year for graduation from the LDC status to a developing country.



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